Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why blog now? Well, why not?

I love music. Love listening to it, love playing it (I'm a musician), love critiquing it, love analyzing it, love to praise it when it's good, love to hate it when it's bad... I love it. My wife and Iwere talking the other day and she suggested that I start my own blog dedicated to one of my passions, music. So I did. I'll be talking about music from a music lovers perspective. I grew up during the Golden Age of Hip Hop so I'll definitely speak on what I like and don't like about the current state of Hip Hop.
I like many different forms of music so this is going to be a mixed bag of genres. The history of music intrigues me. Artist from days gone by and the music they created is often times better than what is currently out there. I will touch on history quite often.
Music makes us feel a certain way. We can literally find different songs and put them togehter and make a soundtrack for our lives. Songs from our past take us right back to the time period that we heard them and evokes those feelings good or bad. i want to explore that and reminisce with everyone also

So let's have fun with this. Bloggers unite!